You get up three, four, or even five days a week and go to the gym. You are tired, but you do it because you’re committed to your health, the goals you’ve set, and finishing the year stronger than you started it. You feel like you’re doing everything you can the “right way”.

You watch what you eat. Your diet is on point. You have eliminated carbs from your diet, even though you love them, and you do your best to keep your calories down so you know you are burning more than you eat.

The problem? You still aren’t seeing the results you think you should with the efforts you’re making.

Does this sound familiar?

Could your diet actually be what’s sabotaging your success?

It gets confusing, doesn’t it? The “gurus” on TV, social media, and all the other diet media sources are telling you to either:

–        Count Your Calories

–        Cut Carbs

–        Eat More Fat

–        Eat Less Fat

–        Take Supplements

–        Eat More Protein

–        Eat No Meat

The list could go on and on, couldn’t it? How can you decipher what will really work? Who should you listen to? It becomes confusing and overly complicated.

All you really know is that you need to burn less than you eat to fit into the jeans you love this winter. So that’s your plan, and it’s not working. So what should you do? Who should you listen to?

Is Your “Diet” Sabotaging Your Fitness Success? 3 Tips to Ensure Your Fitness Success with Proper Nutrition
the only way to increase the amount of short-chain fatty acids or SCFA present within your system is to increase your intake of dietary fiber on a daily basis.

At MindMuscleMemory we keep things simple. We work based on science, how our bodies were built to burn energy, and focus on building an efficient metabolism.

What if we told you there was a better, simpler way?

It’s time to stop listening to the noise, and time to start listening to your body. We want to provide you with simple diet tips to focus on that will help you have more energy, less stress, and better, faster results!

More control. More results. And, best of all, results that last.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Fitness Success with Proper Nutrition:

1. Increase Your Fiber Intake: Increasing your fiber intake in your diet to the recommended intakes can help you control your blood sugar, reduce cravings, keep you fuller for longer, and much more. Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) are produced inside the gut during digestion as good bacteria are built up from the prolonged presence of fiber. Thus, the only way you can increase the number of SCFA in your system is by eating more fiber regularly. SCFA has been shown to help regulate blood sugar, fight cardiovascular disease, and regulate weight along with other great health benefits!

2. Moderation: Moderation is a simple tip that many forget to implement. Whether it is your favorite dessert, food, beverage, or snack, consider everything in moderation. This also plays a part in your portion sizes. Using a smaller plate can help with this as well at mealtimes. Moderation is key so you can enjoy the foods you love, rather than cutting them out completely. It’s especially helpful during the holidays and other parties you may attend.

3. Protein Intake. Increasing your protein intake to the appropriate amounts will allow your body to improve muscle tone. Increased muscle tone will improve your ability to move, burn calories and will allow you to store more energy for usage at later times. This will increase your overall energy levels, improve your workouts which will improve overall fitness levels.

These three things won’t only provide you with better, more consistent results, they will also drastically improve your health over time! You may be looking to lose ten pounds before the holidays, but you will get so much more over time. Benefits can include:

–        Improved Overall Health

–        Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

–        Improved Regulation of Blood Sugars

–        Decreased Weight

–        Improved and Longer Lasting Results

Stop sabotaging all your hard work in the gym! You’re doing great! Keep it up and remember that when you focus on fiber, increasing your short-chain fatty acids, and moderation of what you eat, along with your portion sizes, you will see the results you deserve!

For additional information on how Mind Muscle Memory (M3) can help you, contact us today!