If you are a parent like me, you get tired of hearing your kids make excuses. You ask them to get something done and they begin to tell you that they are tired, there isn’t enough time, or they feel they have something more important to do. Or, my favorite, is that it is always someone else’s fault.

As a fitness professional talking to my clients I can feel the same way. They aren’t reaching their goals and yet they aren’t taking responsibility either.

What about you? Are you reaching your goals? If not, who or what are you blaming?

It is not necessarily a bad thing to acknowledge the blame and where to put it, but more times than not we have more control than we like to believe. This is especially true when you are working towards improved longevity and better living.

Excuses don’t fuel change, habits do! Or… do they?

Most try to make a change by adding a new habit to the routine. They need to start going to the gym more often or they need to change the way they eat. They need to drink more water or they need to eat more protein.

Is it a new habit that is needed though? Or would it be better to start by removing something that could be sabotaging your success?

Stop making excuses Start looking at your habits Stop making excuses! Build better habits!
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Changing your habits is not just about adding something new but also removing the things that aren’t serving you or your goals. If you are looking for better longevity through living a healthier lifestyle, you need to look deeper. You will have to look at what habits need to be broken.

Breaking habits can make a bigger impact on your longevity and success than adding new ones.

Forming new habits won’t solve anything, especially if you are not willing to remove the bad habits that are sabotaging your success. 

For example, if you are looking to lose weight and start going to the gym but aren’t willing to give up your alcohol or ice cream then your success is bound to be limited. 

Another example can be your ability to improve your diet. You may add more kale and whole grains to your diet, but if you are not willing to quit eating processed foods, you will only get so far.

Real change comes by starting to identify with the person you want to be so you are willing to break the habits necessary for success.

Don’t get me wrong, success comes by adding new habits and becoming a closer version of the person you desire to be. However, if you are not willing to identify the person you desire, you will never become or stay that person.

Let’s take a deeper look at this through an example. If you believe that you are unable to be fit, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if you gain back the weight you lose every time you try. 

You are still identifying as your former self. If you don’t take the step towards identifying with somebody fit, comfortable in your clothes, and successful at losing weight then your success will be limited and short-lived. You have to create a vision around the person you want to become and start identifying with that vision.

This can be seen in your willingness to break old habits. You are also likely to make fewer excuses. They can also be seen in your determination to keep new habits long-term.

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