Many see protein as just another source of energy for your body. Here at Mind Muscle Memory we understand it to be so much more. We understand, and want you to understand, that protein provides you with the building blocks required to build a long-lasting, strong engine. The engine you need to move well throughout life is your muscles.

Protein – Keeping Your Batteries Charged for When You’re Ready to Compete
Protein – Keeping Your Batteries Charged for When You’re Ready to Compete

Your engine, or muscles, is what moves you while you perform and engage in the activities you love to do. Whether you dance, run, lift weights, play a sport, rock climb or swim you need to have a powerful, tone, and lean engine to move you, and to keep you moving for extended periods of time.

Protein is the required catalyst for making stronger, more efficient muscles.

Within all of our muscles we find smaller sections, fibers, we refer to as your batteries. It’s important to keep these batteries fully charged so your engine can run well and efficiently when you are ready to engage in activity.

This means it is very important to keep your batteries charged by keeping them full of glycogen and fats available to use on demand when necessary. Plant based meal planning is easy to do with our Sticky Fiber Diet protocol and is shown in studies to slow down or decelerate aging.

How do you keep protein engine (muscles) and batteries (stored sugar inside muscle fibers) fully charged?

There are many ways to ensure your muscles (the engine) and your muscle fibers (stored sugar of glycogen as batteries) are fully charged on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure that you have the resources necessary, glycogen and fats, readily available so you have the necessary strength required for your workouts, activities and daily routines.

Here are the best ways to ensure you’re preparing your system for optimal performance:

·        Increase tone muscle and improve lean muscle through regular strength training

·        Eat a well-balanced diet combining protein with your sticky fiber or soluble fiber sources

·        Continue improving your exercise endurance on a regular basis

Why does it matter to you to keep your protein batteries (muscle fibers) fully charged?

It doesn’t matter what your goals are. If you are a recreational athlete, performance focused, looking to lose weight or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle – you need your muscles working at their best to ensure you can continue to do what you love.

Muscles aren’t meant to be ignored, they are your driving force. You also don’t need to add a lot of lean or toned muscle to start seeing the benefits.

If you would like more information about how Mind Muscle Memory can help you keep your batteries charged and your engine running smoothly while staying lean and strong contact us today!