By Miles Beccia

Biofeedback training of mind muscle memory develops improved brain function!

Your muscle contracts or flexes when it is signaled from your brain and then adjusts the amount of flex required as your brain receives some feedback as to how much effort is needed.  For most everyone this feels like a automatic reaction which just happens during each day of activities.

I want you to just take a closer look for a moment and understand that a muscle which had once been in tune to this type of adjustment can somewhat rapidly lose strength and then coordination.  I am sure you have seen an arm or leg come out of a cast after suffering a broken bone and just weeks afterward the muscle is gone and it takes months of focus and therapy to regain function and coordination in those muscles.

miles beccia mind muscle memory

Our brain only stays active on what it needs to each day and if you have limited muscle activity then you will have left the nerves going out to your muscles in a dormant state.  the longer we go without firing up our biofeedback mechanisms, then the more dull our brain function becomes.

What muscles have you used today to produce and active brain and what feedback was coming back from your muscles while you repeated the physical activity over and over again?  You will successfully change your brain by the end of this conditioning cycle by focusing on this principle and making each day a step toward your vision.

Nutrition Focus

Is your nutritional intake making the grade?

We live today with the experience of how we were once graded for every assignment which was given to us throughout our school years.  Some of the grade were well deserved, some were just handed over, and others seemed just unfair.

Not many of your grades were presented to you by yourself, but do you remember when a teacher said I want to have you grade this one and then someone will check your work.  This made you consider a completely different view of the first process of giving yourself a grade and then who was going to check your work after that.

Well who is checking your grade each day for how well you did on your diet?  And I want you to give yourself a real grade, is today an A or B+ or C- or D or F.  Now do not ask anyone to check your work because we are our own worst critic.

See most of us never really made the switch from having a teacher review the assignment and give us a grade to honestly grading ourselves.  So begin the process of giving yourself a grade on how well you prepared the food needed for the next day, how good did you follow through with the timing of eating, and did you end up finishing with your plan.

Recovery Tip

Our energy can only be up if we recharge properly!

I had spent years working at a high intensity everyday pushing and driving myself to be faster, stronger, quicker, and out last everyone else.  I began to test a concept which stated that when the body has enough rest you can then challenge it more and make more progress.

miles beccia

Well I already knew that a well functioning immune system needed rest, so it only seemed right that a rested muscular system could function at a higher level as well.  So I went from working out daily to working out a maximum of 3 days each week and was I surprised that I started to make solid progress immediately and the results did not stop.

At the same time I began making sure that everyone of my clients along with me got even more serious as to performing every movement and repetition as precisely as possible as to not waste time which was being used on the workout.  Now making sure also that every moment of rest was well spent also by getting to sleep at the best time of night, seeking more time with the TV off and even performing days of less challenging physical activity.

When are you actually getting into a fully recharged state or what would it take to get there?  Plan for a full week off within the next 4 months, set yourself up after dinner to start winding down until it is time to fall to sleep, and make sure to laugh a bit both with someone who can easily make you laugh and always take a moment to laugh at some of the thing you do as well.

I hope you enjoyed this!

To your health and success,

Miles Beccia