miles beccia power lifting

How to build your muscle quickly when using mind body connection biofeedback training!

Your mind muscle memory is ultimately responsible for if you have changes in your body or not. The physical activity that you do like this may take awhile to learn but then you’ll be able to repeat more and more effectively.

When you can create a stronger mind to muscle connection during your workouts and physical conditioning than the rest of what you do in your daily life will become more efficient and more productive.

If you take a closer look at most workout programs or conditioning systems, none are really addressing how to make the proper movements and this is mostly because they are actually based on sports. Olympic weightlifting is a sport, power-lifting is a sport, bodybuilding is a sport and so everyone is learning and being taught how to do a piece of the sport to attempt to get in shape. Doing a sport like this is OK if you already are healthy and have full control of your body.


Well as you will soon see I address how the body is actually designed and how it functions because of what I went through after having two broken legs at age 13. I lost all the muscle in my lower body while spending over 3 months in a hospital room. It took me 6 months to learn to walk again and then years before I could play the competitive sports I loved. At the end of physical therapy there was nobody to help me build my strength, speed, and agility back. I got everything back and maintain it to this day after trial and error of every exercise and workout I could find.

I have now found the most effective ways to teach you how to gain your muscle tone, strength, and stamina as you develop mind muscle memory and see how your body functions. I can not wait to guide you in building yourself a strong healthy body for lasting personal success.

I want you to be able to see just as I have that are skeletal structure and muscles are a system of lever’s. The physics of reliever you must have a fixed attachment point a place of insertion for the lever to pull on and then the engine or muscle to actually do the pulling. But not using your lever correctly can cause strain and stress on any attaching tendons and ligaments of your joints. Your goal, just like mine, is every time we go to do a workout we actually improve our health and the strength of our body.

Changes will only occur in your body when your muscle fibers are firing at an effective rate and in the right sequence or pattern. And you may ask how will I know if I am firing and moving my muscles at the proper rate and in the right pattern. This will occur every single workout by understanding the biofeedback signals coming from your body as you send nerve signals out to move in a proper muscle motion.

Your body strength starts on the inside with your mind body connection!

As the originator of the cross quadrant conditioning principle and training system which demonstrates that you must always pattern your movement from the core movement center working then working outward to the end of each lever. Our core movement center is located where all planes of the body intersect which is just inside the lower spine. This is the place where our diaphragm muscle connecting our rib-cage or upper body intersects with our internal had muscles the sole as major of the lower body. I developed this for myself and all that out and used thousands of others to make sure of maintaining a strong help the body based off of the natural currents of the body.

I found that after mastering all the strength training programs and conditioning systems up till now, that none addressed the body’s natural design of movement from right to left, left to right, front to back, top to bottom, in which we perform all of physical activities. Begin observing how we throw left to right or right to left, or push from front to back or pull from back to front, and top to bottom always curving across the alternating quadrants of our body. You’ll soon see that everyone should be performing this type of training principle no matter what other activities you want to specialize and then excel in.

The muscle belly in between the joint and lever that you are moving is like the large hydraulic engine case which moves from using all the individual muscle pistons or muscle fibers inside the muscle belly. But some muscle fiber pistons fire quickly burning sugar called fast twitch muscle in some muscle fiber pistons fire slowly called slow twitch muscle and they burn fat. I want you to learn how you can alter your intensity during any physical conditioning or strength training workout to effectively burn more of whichever fuel you want.

What your body be saying as you perform your exercise were next are? When you start moving your muscle belly from a flexed to a stretched position can you physically feel that movement? We need to first learned to control whichever lever we are focused on moving and can we actually feel the full muscle belly come to a contracted position and then back out smoothly to allay and position. Sure we have that sensation you are now establishing a stronger mind muscle connection and make sure to remember the best repetitions and memorize that feeling so that you can then repeat it more and more actively.

The all of the electrical control coming from your mind to activate and move your muscles where you want them to go needs to a practiced and memorized. This way week by week month by month and year you’ll know exactly how to get your body in shape and in maintaining.

Now it’s your time to get moving because there is no other way to be successful in developing mind muscle memory other than performing a workout and in getting feedback from each movement during a series of repetitions. Working out with a focus of stimulating your minds direct control of your muscles movement as well as intensity and then sensing the biofeedback and recording it will bring you success each day.

But I truly hope you have found this information to be of immediate benefit and please know that I am grateful that you are with me on this journey and I do hope you’ll share this with someone you know.

To your success and health,

Miles Beccia