You may not realize it, but you do have the power to take control of your muscles, their growth and how you move and control them. It’s simple enough that you can start today. In your muscle lies the framework you need to take control of your weight, your ability to move, your strength, your ability to have energy, and to have fun.

It’s Time to Wake Up Your Muscles
It’s Time to Wake Up Your Muscles with M3

Now, it’s important to understand the right way to take this control. If you go from zero to sixty right away, you are likely to burnout fast, get injured or quit.

Start slow. Build a foundation. Let it be a process.

Wake-up with Rehab of Mind Muscle Connection

Many think of rehabilitation as a process we go through only after we’ve sustained an injury. Though this is true, it’s not the only time rehab is necessary. In this scenario, rehab means REBUILD. Rebuilding is necessary for multiple reasons such as:

●        Aging●        Having a Desk Job
●        Being Overweight●        Post-Rehabilitation
●        Pregnancy●        Shift Work
●        Sports Injuries●        Automobile Accidents
8 reasons rehabilitation is necessary to wake-up your muscles!

You must rebuild the foundation. You must take a few steps backwards to be able to move further forward. We typically do not like to look at what may be weak within ourselves but doing so will allow you to be stronger in the long run.  Rehabilitation may be a frustrating thought, but let’s look at why it’s necessary and how it will help you moving forward.

1. Rebuild muscular endurance. Focusing first on a rehabilitative process, or rebuilding, will allow you to start slow. To build endurance in the muscle, not just strength. Yes, we want your muscles to be strong, but you want them to have endurance as well. Many skip this step and find they fatigue quickly as they begin to lift heavier weight to gain strength. It’s hard to gain true, long-lasting strength when you don’t have muscular endurance.

2. Prevent Injury. Starting at this stage will also help you to prevent injury. When you start to wake-up your muscles you may find there is pain, discomfort or immobility. These areas are easier to address in a rebuilding phase than when you jump into a heavier, more aggressive routine. Once you can find what is hurting or “broken”, it can be addressed specifically in this phase. It’s vital to wake-up your muscles and to do so in a way that will set you up for future success and being able to address imbalance and immobility sooner rather than later will benefit you for the future.

3. Use less weight and more repetitions. Start slow. Especially if you were a former athlete, this sounds miserable. However, think about when the last time was that you really worked and put stress on your muscles. It’s been awhile right? If you start too heavy you’re missing the point. If you are focused and use less weight in the beginning, you will be able to move more weight down the road – if that fits your goals and what you’re working towards.

Wake-up your mind muscle connection, so you can regain:

                                             – Muscle Memory

                                             – Rebuild a Strong Foundation

                                             – Find and Address Muscle and Flexibility Imbalances

7 Benefits to Waking Up Your Muscles Today

You’re probably thinking why is this important. Why should you care about your muscles when you are in “good shape” as a runner? Or, why worry about your muscle when you have to worry about losing weight first?

There are many misconceptions about weight training and about muscular strength. In fact, cardiovascular strength and muscular strength go hand in hand. One can’t reach full capacity without the other. Waking up your muscles is going to be vital to your short and long-term goals, no matter what they are, and here’s why:

1. Improve Confidence

As you gain lean muscle and begin feeling the results discussed above, another feeling begins to establish itself within. The feeling of confidence. When you wake-up your muscles and start moving better, feeling better, and begin to gain momentum towards reaching your goals, another shift happens – a mental shift.

There is a confidence that comes with being sure of your ability to move. When you feel good, have more energy and begin to see that you can perform tasks more efficiently, you begin to gain more and more confidence in your ability to participate in activities. You also begin to feel more confident in your own skin. Gaining confidence is priceless for some, what is it worth to you?

2. Increase Lean Muscle Mass

The benefits that exist with increasing the presence of lean muscle go on and on. Through focused and intentional movement, you will develop lean muscle that will in turn lead to everything listed below and so much more. Whether you are a runner, a recreational athlete, or just want to get moving to get healthy; taking the time to wake-up your muscles will benefit you in ways you don’t even realize.

(And no, you won’t look like a bodybuilder because you’ve decided it’s time to pick up and move weights.)

3. Increase Energy

When your metabolism improves and becomes more efficient, you will also find that you naturally begin to have more energy. You’ll find that you have more energy for your workouts and everything else you enjoy doing.

The more efficient your system gets, the less it will have to labor to do the work necessary to keep you going. You won’t be tired by going up stairs. You won’t feel as fatigued after your workout. You will be able to run around with your kids or your grand-kids for longer. Improved energy levels can be directly correlated with increased lean muscle and improved metabolism. Waking up your muscles is the first step to gaining more energy to do the things you love.

4. Improve Metabolism

The presence of lean muscle mass is vital to your body’s ability to utilize and store energy. Without lean muscle, you aren’t capable of being as efficient as you would like whether you’re trying to lose weight, run a marathon, or play softball on Thursdays with your friends.

When you wake-up your muscles, you’re also waking up your metabolism. You will burn calories more efficiently and on demand. This will be a vital piece to finding success in your short-term goals which will lead you to further success towards your larger goals.

5. Improve Balance, Flexibility and Control

As you begin to move more and wake-up your muscles you will find there are areas that are weaker or that are tighter than others. When you feel that ‘twinge’ in your knee or shoulder you will be able to find areas that are tight and causing joint misalignment which is the culprit to the pain, or ‘twinge’ you’re feeling.

As you begin to address these areas through stretching, improving strength and overall control, you’ll find that the pain begins to dissipate, and you begin to feel and move better. Waking up your muscles will provide you the opportunity to find these areas of joint impingement, or misalignment, so you can prevent injury before it starts. You’ll quickly find that through this process and as you gain strength, you will also see improvements in your balance, flexibility and overall control of your body.

6. Increase Your Ability to have Fun

When you have more energy and move better you naturally begin to have more fun. That’s what this is all about, right? Having fun and enjoying the life you have.

Waking up your muscles and adding lean muscle to your body will naturally increase energy and your ability to move, as stated above, and will lead to more enjoyment of the things you love to do. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter where your passion lies whether it’s in the garden, on a court or field, out running or spending time with your family. Fun means something different to everyone, but we all crave more of it. Waking up your muscles and no longer neglecting them will give you what you crave. You will get to have more fun!

7. Improved Health

All in all, once you start to wake-up your muscles and use them again, it’s not long before you start to see improvements in your overall health. It won’t be long before you notice you are able to do more than you were just weeks prior, and that you’re feeling better too.

Adding strength components to your routine and waking up your muscles can benefit your health in multiple ways and can help regulate many different diseases. Simple exercises. Low weight. High repetitions. This is life changing.

It’s Time to Wake-up!

The time is now. There is no progress made when you continue to wait for tomorrow. Start today. Start small and work your way up. 10 minutes will do more for you than zero minutes.

If you need help figuring out where to start, check this video out on YouTube [LINK].

As always, we are here to help you towards success. Contact us with any questions you have, and we will get your questions answered. It’s time to wake-up your muscles! Let’s go!