The Toxic State You’re in is Due to Muscle Atrophy

Toxic. Nobody wants to hear that word. No one wants that word to be correlated with the phrase, “toxic state”. 

You can build more muscle mass with M3
You can build more muscle mass with M3

We avoid it at all costs, but you could be creating a toxic environment due to muscle atrophy. Muscle wasting away and causing your body to fall into a state even more dangerous than you may realize. 

What is Muscle Atrophy and How Does it Happen?

Muscle atrophy is the wasting and thinning of muscle. It can be caused by disease, injury, or in-activity. For some, muscle atrophy does not last for long. An injury heals, you rehabilitate, and you rebuild your muscle and move forward. 

For others, the muscle atrophies and never improves. The muscle continues to waste away and the toxins continue to build up in your body. 

When your muscles atrophy, you have to be aware of the toxins that will begin to build up in your body as the breakdown of muscle occurs. 

How Does Muscle Atrophy Cause Toxicity?

Toxicity sets in because your body loses the ability to metabolize the toxins as they are produced. Why? Because your body’s metabolism lives in the muscle itself. So, when you have less muscle mass available, it affects your body’s ability to metabolize and process the toxins in your system. 

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How Can You Start The Reverse Muscle Of Atrophy Starting Today?

Good news! Muscle atrophy can be reversed and so the toxicity can be reversed. It takes work and effort, but you can start building more muscle mass starting today!

You can build more muscle mass and reverse muscle atrophy and toxicity by:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Doing resistance exercise
  • Improve your diet
  • Drinking more water


  • Improving your sleep/recovery habits

You may not realize it, but your sleeping patterns, eating habits, and the amount of water you consume impact your ability to build and maintain your muscle mass. Your exercise habits and strength training have obvious impacts as well. 

Our team at Mind Muscle Memory is here to help guide you on your journey to building more muscle mass and reverse muscle atrophy.

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