Let’s discuss your metabolism and how strength training as a women is vital to your health and fitness success. This is a complicated system because it is responsible for the way you burn and store energy. As a women the impact of your metabolism is far reaching. It influences you in more ways than you may realize.

Your body’s metabolism can impact your overall health, ability to reach your fitness goals, and your performance. 

Number 1 exercise to maintain lean muscle is strength training for women

To fully appreciate how much impact your metabolism has from performance to your everyday health, you must first understand how it works. 

What exactly is “metabolism”?

Your metabolism is the collective chemical process that helps keep your body alive and functioning. The primary function of the metabolism is breaking down food and drinks for energy. 

What exactly is “metabolism”

When you “burn calories”, your metabolism is doing the work. 

Your metabolism is broken down into two major chemical processes – catabolism and anabolism. 

Catabolism is the chemical process that burns, or releases, energy. This occurs when your body breaks down energy from food or drinks. Think of catabolism as what occurs when you “burn calories”. 

Anabolism, on the other hand, are the chemical processes that require energy. Your body requires energy for growth, repair, and many other functions. Think of anabolism as the processes that need fuel, or energy, to be completed. 

Learn more here about your metabolism and how it works.  

What impacts your metabolism?

Here are the key factors that come into play when looking at one’s metabolism and how fast it works. These factor include: 

  • Your age. 
  • The environment you live in.
  • Your level of physical activity.

Though there are other components that can impact your metabolism, these are the ones we focus on the most with our clients.  Strength training for women is essential to keep muscle tone and metabolism active.

Everyone’s metabolism varies. Naturally, we are all different and genetically you may be blessed with a fast metabolism. Yet, we know for certain that working with strength training for women is a major boost to the metabolism.

Your metabolism isn’t simply what is burned when you are exercising. 

Your metabolism isn’t simply what is burned when you are exercising. There’s more to it.

When we consider your metabolism, we must acknowledge the different parts of your metabolism that are at work. 

According to the Healthline article, “Why Your Metabolism Slows Down With Age”, your metabolism is impacted by four key factors which include:

  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR): How many calories you burn while you are resting or asleep. It is the least amount needed to keep you alive and functioning.
  • Thermic effect of food (TEF): How many calories you burn through digesting and absorbing food. TEF is usually 10% of your daily calories burned.
  • Exercise: How many calories you burn through exercise. With strength training for women has shown over and over again to result tone lean muscle mass.
  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT): How many calories you burn through non-exercise activities, such as standing, fidgeting, washing the dishes, and other household chores.

Why does your metabolism have such an impact on your performance and overall health?

Fast or slow, your metabolism will impact your performance and overall health and well-being.

A fast metabolism is ignited through consistent activity and increased lean muscle mass. As your metabolism becomes more efficient at utilizing the energy you have stored, your ability to perform better and for longer durations is increased as well. 

When your metabolism is working efficiently, you won’t feel as sluggish and are less likely to put on additional weight.

When you are exercising regularly, you are strengthening your heart, lungs and adding lean muscle mass which all help fight against disease. Studies have shown the correlation between muscle atrophy, a slower metabolism, and a decline in overall health. 

Improving your metabolism through increased muscle mass and regular exercise can lead to a longer, healthier life. The benefits are substantial.

What happens to your metabolism as you age?

As you age, you tend to become less physically active. Typically, older individuals begin to “slow down” and stop being as physically active as they were when they were younger. 

This is why it’s so important that we build a life-long commitment to our health and make exercise part of that commitment. 

What happens to your metabolism as you age

Also, over time many older individuals begin to see more muscle atrophy or degeneration. Muscle atrophy can happen naturally as you begin to age. However, this can be combated by regularly performing exercises that include resistance. Muscle atrophy, or muscle loss, can lead to a slower metabolism and more calories being stored away as fat. 

Lastly, as we age our metabolic processes begin to slow down naturally. The factors discussed earlier, your resting metabolic rate for example, begins to slow down. That is why it is so important not to wait to build strong habits and a faster metabolism!

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How can you speed up your metabolism?

No matter your fitness goal, speeding up your metabolism is going to help you get there. Having an efficient metabolism will help you lose weight, have better endurance, and have more energy to do the things you love inside the gym and out. 

So, how do you speed up your metabolism?

Though there are many theories out there, at Mind Muscle Memory, we focus on enhancing our clients’ metabolisms by educating them on how to:

1. Engage their muscles regularly. 

If you want to speed up your metabolism, you have to engage your muscles regularly through strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and other physical activity.  This strength training for women builds upon your other successes.

2. Energize their bodies properly.

At M3, we educate our clients on energizing their bodies properly with well rounded meals with a strong foundation of fiber and protein. These two components will help boost your metabolism and provide the nutrients you need for improved overall health. 

3. Elevate their results.

With the proper recovery, exercise routine, and eating plan you will be able to elevate your metabolism and your results to the next level.

Learn more about how you can elevate your metabolism with strength training for women here.

Consistency is key for strength training for women!

Your metabolism needs consistency.  The roller coaster of eating, then not eating, then eating too much takes a toll on your metabolism. Being consistent with your exercise, eating habits, and drinking enough water will go a long way to speeding up and maintaining a faster metabolism. 

strength training for women

In today’s world, being consistent is difficult. Everyone is busy. We are all being pulled in a million directions. 

That’s why it’s important to have accountability and to have people around you who are supporting you and helping you through your journey to a faster, more efficient metabolism. 

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