When it comes to really push towards and reaching your goals you must utilize every resource you have. One resource that many forget to utilize to its fullest is knowledge.

This is especially true when it comes to diet, exercise, and performance-related goals. Strength training workouts boost your active metabolic output.

Knowledge is power. Plan strength training into your routine to elevate your Thermodynamic Metabolic Rate.

;earm how to improve your lean muscle and metabolism with strength training
How to improve your metabolism through improved muscle movement

To reach your full potential it’s important to understand all that goes into reaching our goals. If we don’t equip ourselves with an understanding of what it will take from all facets to accomplish what we have set out to do, the possibility of impeding progress grows.

If you don’t already include a strength workout in your regimen, you could be missing out on multiple benefits no matter your goals. Strength training engages and adapts muscle for lifelong fitness.

Many have been led to believe that cardio is king in regard to weight loss and other fitness goals, however, having a balanced regimen is vital to reaching full potential.

The Importance Regular Strength Training

It has been discussed before how important strength training can be in many areas. Most are aware of the impact on building muscle and improving strength. However, there are benefits that tend to be overlooked. The utilization of strength training has a great impact on the metabolism in the following ways:

                               1. Increased Lean Muscle Mass

                    2. Improved Thermo – Metabolic Rate

                   3. Increased caloric burn in all aspects of thermogenesis

What is Thermogenesis and What Impact Does It Have?

Thermogenesis, simply put, is the body’s production of heat. This heat production can be:

                                             1. Exercise-induced heat

                                             2. Diet-induced heat

                                             3. Heat produced by activities of daily living

Understanding this is important because it is the framework we need to understand the Thermo-Metabolic Profile. Once we have knowledge and understanding of what our Thermo-Metabolic Profile is (what our caloric output is through thermogenesis), we can have a greater understanding of what our caloric intake should be every 48 hours based on our goals.

Having this knowledge, and understanding of how the proper strength training workout can affect your Thermo-Metabolic Profile can drastically enhance your ability to reach your goals. Not only will the efforts you are making be more successful, but you will notice that your results will come faster. Results are seen in areas such as:

                                             1. Weight Loss

                                             2. Body Composition Change

                                             3. Performance Quality

What Now?

Never forget, knowledge is power! You may not know or understand the ins and outs of how to determine your exact Thermo-Metabolic Profile, but don’t be afraid to find help and reach out to the right resources for assistance.

Setting up the right strength training program to meet your needs is also important and at times can be just as confusing.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and admit what you don’t know or need help understanding.

The first step is acknowledging the need to add a strength component to your workout and how your Thermo-Metabolic Profile can affect your ability to be successful.  Once you’ve taken this step, you will have a better understanding of what questions need to be asked.

Contact us today! We have certified fitness professionals available to speak with you today to answer any questions you may have. Good luck and keep moving!