Fitness challenges work because they provide motivation. They also provide a sense of community and accountability for those involved. Fitness challenges provide a launching point to success, and they help get you started on your path to obtaining your fitness goals.

Fitness challenges are typically for individuals who are looking to make a change, but they aren’t really sure where to start. These types of challenges are also for those who are looking for some guidance to help them get started on a path towards making change.

Though many participate in fitness challenges, they don’t find lasting results.

Other fitness challenges tend to:

  • Provide no guidance other than a simple check-list or calendar.
  • Are too generalized and don’t offer specific instructions to meet your personal needs.
  • Leave you wondering, “Now what?”, once you’ve completed everything.

This is a problem. This is why many fitness challenges don’t offer lasting results. So, what do you do? What fitness challenges work best?

10 reasons a guided fitness challenge is the best type of fitness challenge for you to do!

  1. Help is just a click away.
  2. You get step-by-step tips on how to progress from phase to phase. 
  3. Guided fitness challenges are designed for lasting success. 
  4. A guided fitness challenge means you get real accountability from a real fitness professional. You’re not just checking off a box.
  5. There is a decreased risk of injury with guidance from a fitness professional to ensure you know how to perform exercises correctly. 
  6. A guided fitness challenge provides you with education to improve your knowledge of what you need to do and why.
  7. With improved knowledge you will be less likely to burn-out and quit. 
  8. Guided fitness challenges provide consistent engagement from a fitness professional.
  9. You will get extra help and resources when needed. (Some forms of help are included while others do cost extra.)
  10. A guided fitness challenge improves your ability to get lasting results.

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