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5 Super Fiber Food Categories...

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I always explain a simple fact that when you ask someone who is in great shape, “What did you do to look like this?”, they will explain to you the number of months and years dedicated physical fitness activities, the controlled portions of food taken in, the need for recovery from stress, and the dedication to making these “facts” part of their actions each day which is shown now to influence you how your genes express themselves tomorrow.

You’ll realize what you must plan and practice is to stay on this positive cycle of diet, rest, and conditioning to re-calibrate the burning of fat from difficult to EASY. I will say again, your body is happier to use long lasting fat for energy rather than quick burning sugar. These secrets have made top athletes super fit before their was any science behind them and NOW I have put my decades of research and experience into plan, so that you can control weight and craft your body.

It took me years and years of frustrating seasons to piece together concepts which are still virtually unheard of today. They made me go from a weak uncoordinated high school student just walking again after both legs were broken to a competitive multi sport collegiate athlete.  Now I have dedicated my knowledge as a health and fitness guru and conditioning coach to teach anyone, from pro athletes to working moms to retired veterans, who is ready for their BREAKTHROUGH.

48 hour fat burn solution nutrition weight control 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution 5 Super Fiber Food Categories

You may find some testimonials on a magic machine and buy off-the-shelf “Quick Trick Pills” assuming that if it has worked for them it MUST do the same for me.  Using them may result in a small entertaining and joyful change — but you’ll NEVER become a fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

I have students and clients using, what I explain here in this guide, with school groups, work-site programs, senior centers, individual coaching and partnered programs — from the novice to the pro competitor.

All have decreased their fat levels inside and around their bodies to become completely in control of their results instead of wishing for a miraculous change.

Are you ready to learn just how amazing your body is?

You simply need to learn and use the tips and methods I show you to avoid the anxiety of having to find yet another distasteful diet. Also, you will get your tummy to flatten down
to look great and not have to count every calorie or point to keep it off.

See when your family moved away from recipes with local market foods, with main ingredients of your meals from real whole dietary fiber foods of the “5 Super Fiber Food Categories”, to high calorie packaged or canned foods, big sandwiches, and large sugary
drinks your gut gets weak. This leaves you constantly hungry from poor digestion within the energy factory of your digestive system.

I’ll coach you on my Step by Step system to “FEEL” your digestion once again and reset burning fat as your main energy source. If it seems like you have indigestion, think again and learn that the “discomfort” of being full and hungry happens to mostly feel the same. I will bring you through the science of proper digestion for natural energy manufacturing and waste removal.

48 hour fat burn solution flavors weight loss 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution 5 Super Fiber Food Categories

Your 3 Step Daily Plan to Unlock the Secret 48 Hour FAT BURN Recipe:

1. Suppress appetite with my Original Recipe of the Soluble Fiber Solution foods for breakfast and lunch from the 5 Super Fiber Food Categories

2. 3 meals daily to total approx. 65% kcal of active adult requirements [1430 calories for  women, 1855 calories for men]

3. Drink 16-24 oz. of water directly between meals to hydrate your gut

These are the 5 Super Fiber Food Categories:

  1. Vegetables

  2. Nuts and Seeds

  3. Fruits

  4. Beans and Legumes

  5. Grains


How To Make It Simple...

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    Feel Energy To Be You – 24/7/365

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    Use Effective Muscle Memory Patterns

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    Muscle Endurance

    Increase Ability To Maintain Muscle Control

ANY Muscle Not Used Properly Will Not Improve.  Your Desire To Improve Your Physical Activities Must Be Supported By Results!

Do It Now, Don't Wait!  Learn How To Combine Natural Whole Foods That Can Remove Inches Of Body Fat On Arm, Legs, Waist & Hips.

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