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How Soluble Gel Fiber "Beccia Ball" Works...

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How You Digest Whole Foods Is Key To Fat Loss

Using my Original research to organize mealtime ingredients of these categories into higher soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber; which are then combined together in the stomach to properly form a timed release gel capsule called the “Beccia Ball”. Soluble fiber forms an
encapsulating gel after eaten and insoluble fiber remains rough and speeds up digestion which makes you feel hungry again too soon.

“Stop snacking on those vegetables or you won’t eat your dinner”?

I say, “Yes! Start eating my Soluble Fiber Solution to form a “Beccia Ball” for each meal and fill up your stomach and suppress your appetite! You should have your stomach settle in and sit with a fully formed “Beccia Ball” for approximately 1-5 hours to predigest. During this
time you will feel full, but that is the point!

DO NOT try to force it down, yet just know you are about to have the start a complete healthy digestion, absorption, and elimination of every nutritional piece of that food. You
digestion is poor if you food travels too fast or too slow through your system. It should take approximately 48 +/- hours to go thru the four parts to your gut. All of which is made up of smooth muscle that is supposed to be flexing to slowly push the ball along the path.

In general your muscles are your metabolism.

When you have even a slight dehydration of just a few pounds of water your metabolism, your digestion, and your physical performance lowers. Water is the substance where chemical reactions take place and it can limit or support your body’s ability to process nutrition in your gut, burn away fat in your muscles, and remove waste.

I am showing you a system to influence your DNA that you can quickly begin using to make significantly more changes among ALL your body systems.

When scientist researched metabolism they found that each hour and day to day your metabolism shifts faster and slower. So if you sleep more, have less activity, or eat less calories that day your metabolism slows and when you walk more, eat more, or even think more then it goes up some. It is called thermodynamic metabolism and this is a secret that fitness and bodybuilders use to steadily drop body fat at will as competition day moves closer.

Remember we are engineered to use fat as our number one fuel source during our activities, so you can only use fatty acids for muscle energy if they are released into the bloodstream from the fat release mechanism.

48 Hour Fat Burn Solution Bestseller Nutrition book 48 Hour Fat Burn Beccia Ball Soluble Gel Fiber

48 Hour Fat Burn Intervals For Success

How Knowing Calorie Portions Is As Reliable As Gravity

Techniques change constantly. Names of tools change constantly. All of these are fluid, not foundational.  Portions of your foods will have you lose, gain, or maintain your body fat, period!

Taking in less calories, yes eating less than used for the day, than the total calories expended for the day is foundational to pull stored fat into energy.  Split your calories requirements up into a daily eating pattern of 3 main meals and 1 snacks will provide your body the food
pattern necessary for your fat release mechanism to be in release mode. When your body weight stays remains the same daily then you are eating equal for today’s metabolism, and when you body weight goes down or up you are seeing the changes in your intake and metabolism. Learn to maintain and have strategic steps down in body fat and body weight at your full control.

These are certain principles or natural laws that are reliable as is gravity, that when applied by you to alter your “lifestyle” planning, that make all practical tools more powerful, all methods more useful, and make goal attainment easier and more certain.

We have to focus foremost on the engineering: which is by far the only way to make a multiple systems come together and efficiently rewarding you with the results you are seeking.

What’s Important Here And Now Is How You Set Up Your CULTURE!

Don’t forget this is your opportunity to get a major breakthrough in your physical fitness, diet, and conditioning. Your culture is your community and those around you need to be understanding and trustworthy. You are to cultivate a NEW you.

If you agree; if being happier, healthier, and living longer is what genuinely interests you — not some shiny object gimmick — then this may very well change your life.

What I have shared with you here has stood the test of time — and is at work this minute, making fat levels change and lives of those who know it empowered.

48 Hour Fat Burn Solution is a Practice!

If you follow the healthy wisdom in this guide, I guarantee that you will have the power to
transform your body into a powerhouse of energy in whatever physical activities you do.

Your Next Step...

Why not begin NOW with these steps to setup an alternate habit of weight control within the next 28 days? I would like you to right now decide to go for it with my 48 Hour Fat Burn steps and share it with someone close to you.

Sharing this 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution involves them in your exciting process of obtaining
optimum health and fitness.

For those of you who can already see that I’m about something that’s very different from what you typically see in this field, congratulations; thank you; and know that I appreciate your consideration of these ideas.

To Your Health, Fitness, and Success,

Miles Beccia
Bestselling Author 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution
Founder & CEO of Mind Muscle Memory
A.K.A. Professor Fiber

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