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This is our PROVEN protocol of diet & workouts to get to your PEAK.

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ENERGIZE - Eat and enjoy the energy to sustain PEAK muscle daily

50 points for dietary fiber intake of 25-35 grams per day

50 points for protein intake of 20-30 grams each meal for a total minimum of 60 total grams

ENGAGE - Remodel muscle with strength training and cardio workouts 2 -3 times weekly

100 points for resistance training of 300 repetitions

100 points for aerobic workout activity of 30-60 minutes

ELEVATE - Use muscle strength to ride, hike, or play sports 2 - 3 times weekly

100 points for physical activity 60 minutes or more

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3 phase system

3 step mind muscle memory system to rebuild metabolism with muscle strength Master Equalizer Challenge

Life shaping breakthrough Science of plant-base diet & muscle memory protocol.

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