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Greg Rando

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Greg Rando has a unique skill set as a Professional in the sport of Bodybuilding with the ability to teach and inspire others how to be healthy and fit. He practices what he preaches as he teaches the principles and techniques that he personally has used to build a large personal training business and reputation for helping individuals at all levels achieve their health and fitness goals.

As the Co-founder of Boston Nutrition and Strength Center Greg has more than 25 years of successful Health and fitness coaching experience in areas including strength and fitness coaching, nutrition education, developing health and fitness programs for all individuals of all abilities including reducing pain through exercise.  He started his first fitness center just after graduating college of Public Health from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell which has given Greg decades of experience in business.

Throughout his fitness and bodybuilding career Greg has won multiple bodybuilding titles including four national championships as well as five professional overall titles.  In addition to these he was also inducted into the bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 2009. Greg has been featured in many media including muscle and fitness magazine, flex magazine, muscular development magazine as well as many local and national television programs including ESPN.

As a highly acclaimed bodybuilder, personal trainer and public speaker Greg Rando has taught hundreds of people The fundamentals of creating and living a healthy lifestyle.  Specifically Greg provides insight into all areas of health and fitness that are crucial for sustaining ideal health and longevity. And has a clear understanding of what it takes to become integrated in a healthy lifestyle while achieving our ideal health and fitness goals.

Currently Greg lives in Bonita Springs Florida and trains at Smash Fitness.

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"I think it is truly great.  It's the kind of foods we should be eating and it helped me to learn how to incorporate them.  My blood sugar was lower and I lost 8 pounds[first 10 days].  I feel healthier, losing the weight was encouraging, also never feel hungry was wonderful"   

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"This program, I was so impressed with! AMAZING! I loved the way I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is just what your body needs to feel satisfied, a healthier person all around. Helped me be aware of how great I can feel"

Colette Certified Massage Therapist

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