Success shouldn’t have an end. There should never be a time where you stop. Even if you’ve reached what you thought would be the pinnacle of success in your sport, wellness or any other endeavor. You should never stop pushing and striving for better. 

Success with fitness is for anyone. Anyone can achieve it and Everyone deserves it.

It’s hard. Being successful and continually obtaining victory after victory is difficult and takes hard work. 

The key is to have a plan. A proven plan that is repeatable and can be implemented time and again for continual success. 

Repeatable transformation is continual transformation. 

First, you need to start thinking of each goal as a season, a training period or a stepping stone. Taking time to reevaluate goals from season to season will help you stay focused. Also, reevaluation from season to season will help you ensure that your focus is on the proper area or areas needed to be successful.. 

You will sometimes focus on making large gains, while other seasons will be meant for repair and rest. Either way, any season should help propel you towards your next victory. 

Goals and victories shouldn’t be the end, they should be launching pads for further success and bigger victories. 

Finding a routine and something that is simple enough to repeat season in and season out is vital for this lasting, continuous transformation. This is such an important piece to success that our partners at M3 created a tool for you to use no matter the season, no matter the goal. It’s repeatable and simple to use!

M3 Roadmap to Victory The Key to Your Next Victory: The M3 Roadmap

Follow these three easy steps to complete your M3 Roadmap and get started on the path towards your next victory!

  1. Determine a goal that you want to achieve in the next 3 – 4 months. This is what the focus of this new season will be. 

Examples: Lose 15 lbs, Run a 5k, Increase throwing velocity, Improve free throw shooting percentage. 

  1. Choose 4 stages or steps that must be completed to get you to your end goal by the end of this season. This could be a task, a benchmark of performance or weight loss, or anything in between. 

Examples: Attend a workout with a trainer or performance specialist 2-3 times a week, increase fiber intake, lose 5 lbs after 30 days, stretch 4 days a week, etc.

  1. Write down how you will reward yourself after each stage is completed or accomplished. Rewarding yourself helps you stay motivated and makes achieving success more fun. Remember your rewards should help you stay motivated, not sabotage your success.

Examples: Buying yourself a new pair of running shoes, treating yourself to a spa treatment or massage, getting a new baseball glove or basketball.

Do you still having a hard time knowing where to start? Or, are you feeling stuck and unsure of what steps you should take?  Click here and contact us today! One of our M3 Team Partners will contact you and help guide you so you can start finding more success today!