90 Days Of Fitness To Keep In Mind

During each quarter, or season, of this year you can choose healthy meals and fitness routines to perform to improve your body or simply skip it.  When you miss a few days it DOES NOT make a big decrease in health, but when you miss a half a year or more it begins to impact your health.

When you become stuck from trying to begin a new way of cooking or a workout, do you get frustrated enough to tell yourself that you can’t?

Here are some very important tips to “keep in mind” that can make the difference between you having success at the end of the quarter or giving you another item on your list to say you will never be able to craft your body the way you want.  Freedom takes focus and time, so work at 90 day quarter that are broken down into 3 months.

Listen to how you are being positive about your own future

3 Important Thoughts To Ensure Success

First, take a look at the upcoming seasons of the year and know that last year was a template for what you will be doing this year.  Did you spend one of the three months of summer away traveling with the family?  And what does that mean you need to prepare for this summer?

Second, work on your self talk by not letting the names you call yourself actually enter your mind.  Did you ever hear yourself speak bad about yourself when you were making successful strides in another area of your life?

Third, remember a mistake or slip up is the only telling you that you are giving something new a try and you have not yet found a smooth and accurate method.  Decide now to look back at each awkward move as the only way to learn a new language.

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