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Develop Muscle Power with Muscle Finder Method

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Objective: Use control of muscle speed, awareness of muscle tension, and energy use within muscle to develop fine motor learning using The MFM 3&3 movement.

Step 1 - Use a weight which you can control for a minimum of 10 reps and 60 seconds. Control the speed of lifting up weight (concentric flexing of muscle) with exhaling air for 3 seconds followed by lowering weight (eccentric flexing of muscle) with smooth controlled release with inhale for 3 seconds.

TIP: Focus on feeling muscle tightening & stretching in target area.

Step 2 - Begin each muscle movement and adjust range to control speed of joint. 3 second lift then 3 second lowering equals 6 seconds per repetition. As muscle tension with applied stress on target muscles starts to respond you will feel energy burning directly inside of target muscle. Maintain proper control and posture.

TIP: Focus on awareness of energy burning within target area.

Step 3 - After performing 10-15 reps, you should now sense an increased awareness of blood flowing into target muscle. Repeat again for another set of reps in this method and focus on performing the most precise fine motor skill movements you can within the target muscles to develop IsoNeuro® movements.

TIP: Focus on circulation of blood into target muscles.

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