It’s important to establish routines.

Some routines can limit success, but others set you up for greater success than ever before.

kick start fitness routine

The holidays are tough for everyone. Everyone gets busier. It seems as if the days get shorter because there is so much to do, so many parties to attend, travel, and extended time with family so making time to get to the gym becomes difficult.

Build strong fitness routines now to ensure you continue to see results this holiday season!

Taking the time to build strong routines now will help you find greater success and more results this holiday season.

Three quick tips to establishing your fitness routine include:

1. Set up a workout schedule that will work now and in December.

Building a fitness routine now that will work when things get busier in the coming months will help you to be more consistent. Look to test your muscle memory and stay on track during the busy holiday season.

2. Hold yourself accountable.

Set a plan and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable by rewarding yourself for success when you reach your goals and stay on track.  

3. Make it a priority now so it is an established priority in a month.

If you aren’t making your health a priority now, it won’t be a priority when you have shopping to do and holiday functions to attend. 

4. Plan your fitness routine for week in advance and meal prep. 

Planning your week in advance, shopping and prepping your meals ahead of time will help you be more successful and stay on track at mealtime. 

5. Find an accountability partner to keep your workouts on target. 

You can’t do it all alone. Find a partner, or maybe a trainer, to stay accountable. Having a buddy to workout with will help you stay motivated – especially on those cold winter mornings. 

These simple tips will help you find more success and stay on track this coming holiday season.

For more help, join our fall fitness challenge where you will get even more accountability and assistance to help you grow and build solid routines this fall.

Our focus each workout is to help you learn to move better and to push you outside of your comfort zone. This helps you build routines that will leave you finding success for years to come! Join today and take the first step to establishing a lasting routine that will set you up for success this holiday season!