The formation of your “Identity” is the foundation of where your drive comes from when looking at your future goals. It gives validity to what you do day in and day out. It is the basis of your “Why” for your goals, and much of what you do.

Obtaining and maintaining a positive identity mindset, or success-minded, is a vital piece to performance success in any area. Perfecting it and using it to take your training, performance, and overall effort to the next level is most important.

positive self-talk to enhance performance and training to reach your goals

Without the proper identity formation for advanced brainwaves or the Alpha Mindset, we allow too much thought analysis to block our ability to perform with a clear mindset to act and gain momentum.

We think too much about what the possible outcomes could be and don’t allow our brains to settle and focus on the performance tasks.  

How is the Alpha Mindset Obtained and Goal-Focused Thinking Maintained?

We all utilize self-talk. Telling ourselves we can, or can’t. The Alpha Mindset takes this to a higher level. Remember not just to set yourself 1 big long-range goal, but that you need at least 3 small-step goals that lead you toward a larger one.

When we obtain and utilize the Alpha Mindset, our thought is no longer, “Can I?” It becomes, “I will.” Your methodology may change through adversity. You will have bad days, you will fail. The constant, however, becomes “I will.”

Practice, whether practicing a new skill in sport or life, will help you build this mindset. The practice of starting something new, working at it, and building your self-confidence will re-enforce the ability to tell yourself and maintain the thought:

“I will reach these goals. I will be successful.”

When learning a new skill, or trying to reach a new level of performance, you will always struggle at first. Even the best in the World hit the proverbial “wall” sometimes. It’s the Alpha Mindset that pushes you to continue to pursue the goal. That pushes you to continue to compete to be the best you and to reach the level of success you once felt before.

Keys to Obtaining and Maintaining the Alpha Mindset

1.       Create positive self-talk with an “I WILL” focus.

2.       Practice. Practice constantly.  Practice the hard things even more and maintain the “I will” focus throughout.

3.       Build your team. You shouldn’t do this alone. We all need a support system and those with an Alpha Mindset recognize this and will put the right people in the places they need so they can build a strong support system.

4.       Be your best you. Some days we don’t have 150% to give. But we can give the best that we have for that day. The Alpha Mindset will help you push to give the best you have, and some days that may be 100% of the 80% you have to offer—knowing how to push yourself, knowing when to push hard, and when to rest.

Practicing positive self-talk and utilizing an “I will” focus will help you create and maintain the Alpha Mindset leading to improved training and performance.

This can be difficult for everyone at one point or another, but always remember the keys above. Take one day at a time. Remember when you had success and that you will have success again.