Save Time Food Shopping For A Plant Based Diet

Are having some trouble or simply frustrated with eating a plant based diet? Many of the challenges have to do with how you get and store your foods. In this short video Miles Beccia BS Health Education provides some tactics you can use to save time and money. With over 30 years of knowledge, Miles…

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Still Riding the Fad Diet Roller Coaster? Stop! Do THIS Instead

Weight loss, or changing our body composition, is something we all have had to battle. The journey can be long, treacherous and frustrating. It can be difficult and often will leave you confused and unsure of where to turn next. At M3 we focus on small victories to keep you on track to overcome the…

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How Sticky Fiber Will Impact Your Muscle Results

You want better results. You are in the gym regularly and, as far as you know, you are doing all the right things. You know you’re burning calories and working hard in the gym, but something isn’t quite right.  Does this sound familiar? Everyone wants more results, but we aren’t just talking about any results.…

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The Top 3 Reasons Carbohydrates are Essential to Your Success in the Gym

So much has been said about carbohydrates over the years. The media, fad diet creators and possibly even your friends want you to believe that carbs are the enemy. They’re the reason you aren’t successfully reaching your goals.  The truth is, they’re right.  Carbohydrates could be linked to why you aren’t reaching your goals and…

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Quick breakfast kicks off your natural energy also lowers cholesterol

3 Breakfast Cereals Helps Lower Cholesterol Having a healthy breakfast not only boosts your natural energy levels for the entire day but also can assist in removing bad fats and lower cholesterol from you body.  This video demonstrates some of the best easy to find and good to eat cereals for breakfast. Lower your appetite…

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3 Nutrition Tips Help Lower Risk Type 2 Diabetes

nutrition tips type 2 diabetes

Study shows nutrition lowers risk of Diabetes with vegetables Type 2 Diabetes is emotional that can be sad to deal with and this new research with nutrition tips for type 2 diabetes says to improve nutrition intake with healthy vegetable choices.  Miles Beccia explains some additional health tips about how Brussels sprouts have been shown in…

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Fitness can be in your life, believe in nutrition

Author Miles Beccia With 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution Talks About Nutrition When is comes to putting priorities in right place, best selling author book 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution details why you must think in your mind about growing into a new culture.  Rather than looking to making one or two habit changes, he…

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Strong bones from soluble corn fiber nutrition helps calcium

corn fiber helps calcium

Soluble Gel Fiber Nutrition of Corn For Calcium and Strong Bones Video tutorial of Miles Beccia let you know corn fiber helps calcium in new nutrition calcium research showing a regular diet of corn, which has soluble gel fiber, provides added benefits to healthy bones.  Dietary fiber is needed for a healthy and fit digestive system…

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3 Focus Tips Quiet Your Anxiety Of Fitness

fitness goal in mind

It is possible to calm your mind and focus on what matter for your fitness today? Many of us focus on what future fitness could look like so much that we build up common saying, “Paralysis of Analysis” syndrome before our mind has a chance to come up with a few best practices.  Having your…

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