How to Eat for Stronger, Leaner Muscles after 50

life is long so stay strong

Are you eating to fuel your body and be stronger, or are you missing out on a key component that could drastically change your ability to develop and maintain lean muscle mass? Eating healthy isn’t just important for weight management. To develop more lean muscle, and maintain it, you need to be fueling your body…

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15 Ways Exercise and Nutrition Impact Your Mental Health

exercise and nutrition tips for mental health

Exercise and healthy nutrition are imperative for you to be at your best both mentally and physically. Decades of research has proven that when you exercise and eat a healthy, you will be able to prevent and treat many diseases. Mental health can be affected just as much by exercise and nutrition as your physical…

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How to feel your muscle stretch for improved flexibility in hamstrings

Relax your muscle to stretch for success Have you simply wondered why some are more flexible than you? Your muscles must signal the mind to how far will they stretch before injury and many times this is prior to the full range of their motion.  Think about this, to protect the joint and muscle from…

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Muscle Tone Blasts Your Fat Burn Zone

Fat Burn Zone Is Where You Craft Your Body A main sticking point before you begin blasting your fat burn zone is typically weak muscle tone in some of your movement muscles.  Simply meaning your large muscle groups are not strong enough yet to increase your aerobic workout intensity.   The fact of the matter is that you…

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Mind Your Own Fitness To Free Your Body

mind your fitness and nutrition

90 Days Of Fitness To Keep In Mind During each quarter, or season, of this year you can choose healthy meals and fitness routines to perform to improve your body or simply skip it.  When you miss a few days it DOES NOT make a big decrease in health, but when you miss a half…

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3 quick tips when your muscles tighten during stress

3 quick tips when your muscles tighten during stress Muscles will tighten quickly to stress signals without you even knowing what is happening to your body.  Read tips below to listen with your senses which can give your mind a new response to these fight or flight signals that can result from an event at work,…

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Fitness can be in your life, believe in nutrition

Author Miles Beccia With 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution Talks About Nutrition When is comes to putting priorities in right place, best selling author book 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution details why you must think in your mind about growing into a new culture.  Rather than looking to making one or two habit changes, he…

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3 fitness moves for core balance conditioning with Bosu Ball

Aerobic fitness moves with Bosu Ball to improve muscle control This news segment shows some lunges and push ups that can be done using a Bosu Ball.  You will need to focus on maintaining great posture during balance core conditioning to get the most out of it.  Try starting off slow before advancing to more…

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Abs exercises for a strong firm tummy

How to get abs and core stronger Lower abdominal leg lifts to strengthen the core, and tone your tummy.  Muscles in your midsection need to get flexing to make your belly flat and strong.  Try this routine and let us know which exercises you like the best! Miles Beccia provides a short routine for you…

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Strong bones from soluble corn fiber nutrition helps calcium

corn fiber helps calcium

Soluble Gel Fiber Nutrition of Corn For Calcium and Strong Bones Video tutorial of Miles Beccia let you know corn fiber helps calcium in new nutrition calcium research showing a regular diet of corn, which has soluble gel fiber, provides added benefits to healthy bones.  Dietary fiber is needed for a healthy and fit digestive system…

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