The Most Important Actions to Your Success is Maintaining the Balance of Challenging Physical Activities, a Healthy Diet From Actual Foods, and Quick Recovery from Stress!

You can actually spend less time on maintaining an active healthy body and more time with the truly important items on your agenda.  Whether you are starting out or are have years of experience with working out there are always a some details that you DO NOT want to miss out on.

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Miles Beccia  – All Natural Fitness Expert

Miles Beccia had a sudden halt to his teenage athletic potential in Boston when he was riding his bicycle and was struck by a car.  After spending three months recovering for in the hospital from having both legs broken, he found himself frustrated as to how he would be capable of improving his strength and conditioning to continue toward his goals of playing college sports.  Well without a coach or program to guide him Miles immersed himself in books, classes, and practice to discover how the body works together to rebuild his body.

Miles Beccia 13 yrs old after car accident In hospital room for 3 months recovering from 2 broken legs.

Miles Beccia all natural powerlifting competition

First All-Natural Powerlifting competition with workout partner Jim spotting.

Miles Beccia strongman training

Strong enough to lift VW Jetta.

He developed the physical conditioning necessary for success in collegiate football and track & field after mastering Olympic lifting, sports conditioning, bodybuilding, martial arts, Yoga, Pilates, and many other training systems.

The results from his education and experience is a life which is free from physical discomfort from lack of muscle tone, limited joint range of motion, poor circulation, weak respiratory system, or poor diet.   His success and expertise with programs and coaching after training thousand of clients over the last two decades have become well known and is now dedicated to changing the course of fitness and health concepts with his innovative and organized programs.

“Miles is an excellent teacher.  I’ve gained an understanding of how the muscles relate to each other and built muscle tone and flexibility in short period of time.”   Gene K., AZ

You will learn how to properly perform all the components of muscle strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory conditioning, flexibility, proper nutrition, and focus which then put you into motion to truly reach your potential.

The long-term benefits of physical conditioning are achieved by effectively working on all of these components to improve, renew, and nourish your body continually throughout your life.