You’ve been exercising for months, if not years, and the scale hasn’t budged much since you started. It’s frustrating.

Your body fat level and the scale are not always directly connected

You aren’t sure if you should change what you’re doing or just keep going and that maybe, just maybe, one day the pounds will start to fall off. The pant or shorts you are looking to fit into just do not fit right yet.

What should you do?

If you are confused about why you aren’t getting results in the gym,
M3 is here to guide you towards success!

You need answers. You’re ready to change what you’re doing to find the success you desire. The time is now to start reaching your greatest potential!

5 Shocking Exercises Mistakes
5 Shocking Exercises Mistakes

Are you making any of these mistakes with your exercise program?

1. Ineffective Exercises. 

If you aren’t feeling your muscle burn when you are exercising, then you aren’t working them hard enough. Feeling the burn when you exercise is the best way to know, and ensure, that you are burning the muscle sugars you have stored. 

2. Poor Diet.

What you eat will determine your results. There’s no question about it. If you aren’t fueling your body properly and aren’t refueling post-workout, you won’t be able to obtain your best results or reach your fullest potential.

3. Not Enough Cardio or Interval Training.

Many think that if they do cardio, they will lose the lean muscle they are trying to build. The opposite is actually true. Including a steady state cardio workout, as well as interval training, will allow you to burn energy that is stored within the muscle and will help you train your lean muscle. 

4. Lack of flexibility or Range of Motion.

Many don’t see the results they desire due to their limited range of motion. This will make a big difference when you are training, as moving through your full available range of motion will determine your ability to utilize and burn energy effectively through your workout. 

5. Not Enough Recovery.

Too much is just simply too much. If you aren’t recovering properly or allowing yourself the proper amount of recovery, you will burnout. This can lead to injury and many other negative results.

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