Mindset is a vital component to success, no matter what you’re working towards. Whether it’s your health, career, personal relationships or even parenting, your mindset is key to success.

strong mindset is what separates those who get their win from  those who quit and give up

We have all had success in one area or another. You know that moment, the one where you reached your goal, you reached your best effort. That success and the mindset you had at the time is learned. Now it’s time to use that same experience to help you move forward.

Having an “I Will” Mindset for fitness and life!

We see this a lot in sports and competition. The mindset of an athlete is vital to his, or her, ability to compete and face adversity.

Whether on the field of play or while battling an injury, the state of mind will make or break them. They tell themselves, “I will be strong. I will play hard. I will score. I will make the play.”

You WILL do what you ae telling yourself. Positive or negative. Go into any situation and tell yourself you are going to fail, and you will. Tell yourself it’s going to go well, and you will find success and, guess what? You will.

Some successes will look and feel different than others. Always be looking for them, even in what you may see as failure.

Mindset is everything. If we are focused on the negative, the “what ifs”, then what will really be accomplished? When we second guess and allow fear to rule our mindset, we will automatically turn off our mind’s ability to act freely which is necessary in competition.

How to Establish a Positive – “I will” Mindset

In sport, athletes create alpha wave lengths through practice and preparation to improve their mindset and to be able to focus clearly on the unknown pressures that they may face versus the specific tasks of their sport. We are regularly training our brains to handle specific task and we have a controlled mindset, we can face change and maintain a mindset that will allow us to continue to find success and improved effectiveness.

The way that athletes use their Alpha Mindset to improve performance can be discussed at length. The way the alpha waves improve our brain’s effectiveness and overall performance is fascinating.

Keys to Implement today include:

1. Acknowledge that some days are tough. When you respond to a hard situation try listening to your heart rate and stay calm with smooth breathing.

2. Admit that you can’t and should NOT do everything alone. Communicate effectively with your coach.

3. Remember why you are working on the objective in front of you. Keep your goal in the forefront of you mind. Review your V – Vision

4. On the tough days, never forget that tomorrow will be better. Like working a garden for the harvest of crops.

Are you okay with just getting by?

We set goal that we want to achieve because something is important to us. We want it for one reason or another. Not reaching your goals because you decided you couldn’t face the tough days is a tough thing to admit to ourselves. What are you telling yourself?

 “I will fail because this is too hard,”


“I will succeed, and tomorrow will be better, and I will keep pressing forward”?

Your mindset is what gets you through those days. Having a strong mindset is what separates those who get their win, from those who quit and give up.