Your metabolism plays a large roll in your success no matter what your goal is. At M3, we help you activate your metabolism using science based techniques that help propel you towards success and reach your greatest potential. Our methodology is focused on helping you build lasting results.

4 healthy tips That Will Help conquer Your Metabolism

Make your metabolism light up with a plant based meal plan

Fiber Based Diet –

At M3 we work to help you understand and implement a fiber based diet. With over 30 years of research, we have found that consuming fiber, specifically sticky fiber, provides many health benefits that lead to success no matter your goal. One of the keys to success with our Fiber Based Diet is to focus on food as energy, and to avoid constant calorie macro-nutrient restriction. 

You will also learn to ensure you are maintaining a balanced diet daily. Calorie balance is going to play a large role in building and sustaining lean muscle growth, as well as a higher, more active metabolism. When your muscles aren’t fueled properly they become tired and fatigued faster which leads to fewer results and more injuries. 

M3 Muscle Finder –

To reach your highest potential and truly activate your metabolism for lasting results, you need to ensure you are utilizing and working your muscles properly during each workout. We want to help you find, and activate, the proper muscles through each movement you perform to ensure you are building muscle and not compensation. 

Once you are able to find and activate your muscles on demand, you will be able to recruit more muscle fibers with each repetition you perform. This will enable your ability to build lean muscle, decrease the risk of injury and build a more active, efficient metabolism. 

Stronger, Leaner Muscles –

Building stronger, leaner muscles doesn’t mean you have to become a bodybuilder to find success in your fitness and health goals. At M3 we focus on the importance of lean muscle and the benefits you will find by adding lean muscle to your body composition. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, you must have stronger, leaner muscles to reach your goals. 

The presence of lean muscle will enhance your metabolism and will give you more control over your success. That’s right! You will be able to take back control of your metabolism. Lean muscle is where your metabolism lives, and when you wake-up and build your lean muscle you are doing the same for your metabolism which will give you the control you need to reach and maintain your goals. 

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Mind Muscle Memory –

At M3 we believe that when you engage your mind and your muscles you will allow yourself the ability to reach your greatest genetic potential. When you build the connection between your mind and your muscles, you will move better and more efficiently which will allow you to gain more lean muscle faster than you could before. The connection between your mind and and muscles is directly correlated to your success, the reduction of injury and overall enjoyment of life. 

When you move better, you move happier. It won’t be easy for everyone, but it is that simple. It takes work and consistency with intentional movement through each repetition of your workout, but with the help and guidance from one of our M3 Team Coaches, you can gain improve your Mind Muscle Memory and gain lasting results. 

At Mind Muscle Memory our focus is to help you reach and maintain your goals faster than ever before. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve performance, increase your energy, or improve your overall health we focus on helping you reach your highest potential. Our methodology and science based programming provides you with all the tools necessary to find success faster and maintain in longer than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you activate your metabolism and find better, longer-lasting results.