The year begins to come to an end, and with all of the fun and excitement around the holiday season, you also begin to think to yourself what is my new year’s resolution this time, “Here we go again….”.

A new year’s resolution. New fitness goals that probably won’t be met. More failure. More disappointment.

Many of us can struggle to complete our New Year’s Resolutions. You aren’t alone. Approximately 92% of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions don’t complete them. They don’t even try to finish them.

Do you find that each year you become more and more frustrated with trying to set new goals or restarting the same ones you did the last three years? Or has it been more than that?

Have you found that you are trying to lose the same 10 lbs. every year? Maybe your goal is different. Maybe you want to run a 5k and say every year, “This year will be the year.”

What’s missing?

Many of the online gurus want you to believe that it’s motivation. You just aren’t motivated enough. To be perfectly honest, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Find success with your New Year’s resolution with Mind Muscle Memory.

This year, you have more potential to reach your fitness goals. More potential for success.

You’re more mature physically today than you were last year and the years before. This means your body is more capable than ever to reach the goals you want to achieve!

You have the ability to reach your greatest genetic potential, but it’s up to you to do the work.

To reach your goals and end the frustration that you feel, you need to add the following 4 keys to your strategy. When these areas are part of your action plan, your goals won’t stand a chance.

4 Keys to Turning New Year’s Resolution Frustration into Fitness Success this New Year

1. Do the Work.

Whether you like it or not, you have to do the work. You have to ensure that you are regularly working in each area of fitness. These areas include:

– Cardio

– Strength Training

– Stretching

2. Build a Lifestyle, not a Diet

Ensuring that you are implementing changes that will become lifestyle habits and not just a New Year’s resolution diet will help ensure that you set yourself up for lifelong success.

DecArt2 Dec2018 4 Fitness Tips to Overcome Anxiety of This New Year’s Resolution

Take some time to write out your food and drink into a journal or into your phone, then begin a regular review of the items you see below.

Simple changes that can have a large impact include:

                           – Eating Fiber-Rich Foods

                           – Ensuring You’re Getting Enough Protein

                           – Eat Less Sugar and Processed Foods

3. Recover

Yes, it’s that simple. To reach your greatest genetic potential, and find success with your New Year’s resolution, you need to allow yourself to properly recover. Simple ways to add recovery into your daily routine include:

                           – Get Enough Sleep at Night

                           – Ensure You are Allowing Yourself to Recover Between Workouts

                           – Provide Yourself with Mental Breaks to Reduce Stress

4. Educate Yourself and Get Help/Assistance When Needed

When you have questions and need assistance, the best way to ensure you continue to make progress is to educate yourself and get help when you need it. At M3 we offer many ways for you to find success. Start today by signing up for our FREE GUIDE!

You can also access videos and other training on our YouTube Channel.

You no longer have to be frustrated. This year you can set goals and make New Year’s resolutions and know that you are more capable than ever before to be successful. Are you ready?