3 quick tips when your muscles tighten during stress

Muscles will tighten quickly to stress signals without you even knowing what is happening to your body.  Read tips below to listen with your senses which can give your mind a new response to these fight or flight signals that can result from an event at work, home, or out in the neighborhood.

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If you’re going by the Harvard Business Review, executive burnout has been a problem for nearly 40 years.

J&J’s new program acknowledges CEOs often have lots of bad days, filled with stressful meetings, poor nutrition, and little exercise. And since they’re as human as everyone, they need healthy ways to cope.

Tip #1

Check yourself for fight or flight tight muscles

Challenge yourself to notice you have just been involved in a stressful event.  When you can listen to and notice that your body has had a physical response to a stress that has just happened then you can have the best chance to make a focused adjustment to counter it.

Tip #2

Bring yourself back from stress

Look into your past for a healthy method to reduce your stress now rather than later.  If you have one stress event after another without focusing on a healthy and safe method to bring yourself back from the walking zombie mode then it can build and build until something pops like over inflating a balloon.  We have additional methods to help you reduce stress quickly.

Tip #3

Make a healthy plan to relax

Plan your healthy eating pattern and physical activities for each day so that you can be more prepared for events that are uncomfortable emotionally, physically, mentally, or socially.  When you are eating healthy foods that you have prepared and already have time set aside for a dance routine, long brisk walk with the dog, fitness center retreat for an hour, a half hour swim, or other metabolism boosting movements plans you will feel the benefits immediately.

Keep moving positively forward to get more out of each day and more out of life!

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